The CRHS is a growing, vibrant organization of more than 300 members, dedicated to the preservation of all things Conrail. Membership in the society brings many benefits, some tangible (like The Conrail Quarterly) and many more intangible (knowing that you're a part of keeping the story and equipment of Conrail alive).

Membership entitles you to a subscription to our highly-praised, full-color Conrail Quarterly magazine, as well as discounts on merchandise through our own Conrail Shoppe and through some of our supporting merchants.

Membership Levels

Sustaining Membership -  At $100 a year, sustaining members demonstrate a greater level of financial support to the CRHS. In return, sustaining members receive all the benefits of the regular level of membership, plus that year's calendar from the Conrail Shoppe absolutely free as our way of saying "Thank You." Sustaining members also get their names printed in The Conrail Quarterly as recognition for going above and beyond in their support of CRHS projects and objectives.

Digital Membership - At $25 a year, Digital CRHS members receive four copies of our magazine, The Conrail Quarterly per year in PDF format. You also will receive discounts with CRHS partners during the year.

Standard Membership - At a cost of $45 a year, Standard CRHS members receive four printed copies of the full-color The Conrail Quarterly per year. You also will receive discounts with CRHS partners during the year. Standard members can also opt to receive their magazines via First Class Mail for a small additional fee.

International Membership - At a cost of $70 USD a year, International CRHS members receive the same benefits as standard CRHS members, but with their Conrail Quarterlies mailed internationally. 

Family Membership - At a cost of $55 a year, Family Membership members receive four printed copies of The Conrail Quarterly and membership privileges (such as member discounts to CRHS events) extend to all members of your immediate family.

Join Now!

Joining the CRHS is easy! The quickest way is through our online store,, but you can also download, print and mail in a paper membership form.