F30A Flatcar 62610 (Camp Car)

Donated by Norfolk Southern in February 2011

As a camp car, this car was used on Conrail and Norfolk Southern to house track gangs as they roamed the system replacing and repairing track. Camp cars came in many different varities, including kitchen cars, bunk cars, and dining cars. Our car was a bunk car and was originally outfitted with beds for the crews to get a good nights sleep in after a hard day working on the railroad.

Unfortunately, the camp car body had deteriorated to the point that it was not practically salvageable. In April of 2016, the camp car body was removed, restoring the car to its original F30A flatcar configuration. As a flatcar, this car served the Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central, and Conrail in general service system-wide.

In May of 2016, the Allentown & Auburn Railroad painted this car as "Lehigh Valley 10010" for use on excursions and photo freights. This temporary paint job will help to preserve the car until it can be properly restored to its Conrail appearance.