The governing body of The Conrail Historical Society, Inc, is our Board of Directors. Made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and five Officers, the board is responsible for the direction and day to day operations of the society.

Board members serve three year terms and are elected to the board by the society's membership, and to officer positions by the other board members.

Current CRHS Board of Directors

Ben Snyder, President, 2017-2019

Rudy Garbely, Vice President, 2015-2017

Jenn Horton, Secretary, 2015-2017

JB (Bruce) Kerr, Treasurer, 2017-2019

Kevin Yutz, Director, 2015-2017

Ed Lewis, Director, 2016-2018

Matt Lewis, Director, 2016-2018

Doug Horton, Director, 2017-2019

Joe DeFrancesco, Director, 2016-2018

Past CRHS Officers and Directors

Russ Swinnerton

Ed Kapuscinski

Tristan Ashcroft

Sean McDonnell

Rich Reinhart

Ryan Kunkle

Brock Kerchner

Joe Marchinchin

Chris Kratzen

Roger Durfee

Doug Watts

Ryan Emrick

Matt Arentzen

Kris Klemick

Steve Ondik

Dave Trenn

Jeremy Zella

Steven Harvey